Ericsson uses Erlang to develop many of its products and an estimated 40 percent of all mobile traffic worldwide is carried over the company’s network solutions.

Erlang is used to capture, record and stream video at 10-20 Gbit/s: TV channels, IP cameras, webinars

Erlang powers the Kazoo platform which offers Class 4, Class 5 and CPaaS functionality on top of a geo-redundant system.

Erlang is used for high-volume message processing and event routing.

Motorola Solutions uses Erlang and Elixir to develop components of mission critical communication systems that need to be reliable and fault-tolerant in the moment that matters.

K2 uses erlang to guarantee high performance and availability in the fault-tolerant and scalable platforms and proxies build to address tele-communicating challenges.

Shared, VDS and dedicated hosting. Using Erlang for customer services API, most loaded part of hosting system.

We build engines for the core of communications service provider’s networks and key components of operational and business support systems.

Erlang Companies