Information Technology


Erlang is used in part to power Cloudant’s full-text search system.

Erlang is used across our business, including implementation of Automated Office. The AO client, server, registry and peer connectors are all implemented in Erlang, as is our code deployment infrastructure. We provide Erlang consulting and write game and chat backends in Erlang by contract.

Information Technology
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Erlang helps us to build services which solve sophisticated problems related to big data storage, search and data lifecycle management using native cloud architectures.

Software consultancy and development company, with experience in Erlang and Elixir.

We use Erlang to provide a decentralized data platform to our customers. We open-sourced Barrel (, among many other Erlang libraries, which are a key part of our data platform.

We are building the factory of the future! We use Erlang to deploy industry grade AI solutions.

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