A curated list of companies using Erlang in production, organized by industry.

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An open-source, blockchain-based platform for scalable & user-friendly decentralized applications. Written in Erlang and Elixir.

Erlang powers the Alert Logic Security-as-a-Service solutions that secure the application and infrastructure stack of the cloud, processing millions of events per second from over 4,000 customers.

Luzern, Switzerland

K2 uses erlang to guarantee high performance and availability in the fault-tolerant and scalable platforms and proxies build to address tele-communicating challenges.

Motorola Solutions uses Erlang and Elixir to develop components of mission critical communication systems that need to be reliable and fault-tolerant in the moment that matters.

Information Technology
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Erlang helps us to build services which solve sophisticated problems related to big data storage, search and data lifecycle management using native cloud architectures.

Erlang is used for high-volume message processing and event routing.

Erlang supports our communications platform based on websockets, webrtc & bert. Currently supporting hundreds of customers and millions of users.

Erlang powers the Kazoo platform which offers Class 4, Class 5 and CPaaS functionality on top of a geo-redundant system.

The backend of Cursor Insight’s electronic signature solution (which serves millions of banking customers) is written in Erlang and Julia.

Erlang is used across our business, including implementation of Automated Office. The AO client, server, registry and peer connectors are all implemented in Erlang, as is our code deployment infrastructure. We provide Erlang consulting and write game and chat backends in Erlang by contract.

Erlang powers our IRC bouncer software, websocket API, and our IRCv3 enhanced team IRC servers and Slack integration. We rely on Erlang’s power in concurrency, long running processes and message passing to provide an always connected, modern chat service.

We use Erlang to develop Dwango Media Cluster (DMC) which is a content delivery system such as VoD and live streaming. Erlang is one of the core technologies in our company.

Erlang is used to develop WebRTC SFU software package, Sora. Erlang makes real-time communications comfortable along with fun of development and ease of operations.

Erlang is used to capture, record and stream video at 10-20 Gbit/s: TV channels, IP cameras, webinars

Erlang is used to power our web based cobrowsing and chat solution. It allows us to keep our infrastructure performant, while still being simple and easy to maintain. This allows us to efficiently support our customers.

Erlang powers the core of Klarna’s system serving millions of customers in Europe.

How do you support 450 million users with only 32 engineers? For WhatsApp, the answer was Erlang.


Erlang is used in part to power Cloudant’s full-text search system.

Erlang is used for routing requests to containers and Elixir is used for some internal systems.

Erlang is used as part of the system Grindr uses to maintain a reliable, top performing and scalable stack for more than 3.2 Million daily active users.

Erlang is being used by Goldman Sachs in part of its HF trading platform. The Goldman Sachs platform is a very low latency (microseconds) event-driven market data processing, strategy, and order submission engine.

Montréal, Québec, Canada

IP video surveillance, access control, licence plate recognition, network security appliances

Ericsson uses Erlang to develop many of its products and an estimated 40 percent of all mobile traffic worldwide is carried over the company’s network solutions.

We provide reliable Erlang based BPM, ESB solutions used in telecomunications and utilities sectors.

We build trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. Our Erlang & Elixir expertise is the backbone of our clients’ operations.

Cisco ships 2 million devices per year which utlize the power of Erlang resulting in 90% of all internet traffic going through Erlang controlled nodes.

Bet365 uses Erlang and Elixir to service 20 million+ users and to meet the demands of 100,000s of concurrent users at peak times.

Altenwald is a company with wide experience helping others companies to grow with their technology stack and supporting and giving training for solutions based on Erlang and Elixir.

AdRoll uses Erlang within the live monitoring of their real-time bidding system. This involves live monitoring everything that could go wrong on a system receiving 500K+ bid requests per second, with a substantial monetary value attached.

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